Challenge other mages in this strategy and card game



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Spectromancer is an online card game set in a fantasy world where six different classes of mages take part in strategical duels summoning all kind of creatures and casting spells.

There are six different classes of magicians (clerics, mechanicians, necromancers, ChaosMasters, dominators and illusionists), each one can use 5 different elements: fire, water, air earth and an specific one for each class.

The game rules are simple. Players start the battle with 60 live points and the goal is to finish with your opponent before he kills you. Of course, you'll have to use your spells and creatures to kill your enemy and defend form his attacks.

Spectromancer is easy to play but difficult to master, what makes it very interesting to play. If you like Magic cards, Spectromancer is the kind of game that can trap you.

The trial version only includes the cleric class.

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